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SVCC Academic Standing Matters

Good Academic Standing at SVCC (effective 2016-17 SVCC catalog)

Successful class completion AND cumulative Grade Point Average MATTER!
What is it?
How do I earn it?
Why is it important?

All students are expected to maintain progress toward their academic goals.


Students must:

1. Maintain a cumulative GPA at 2.0 or higher AND
2. Complete 67% or more of enrolled classes each semester

Students in good academic standing at SVCC are 5 times more likely to complete a certificate or a degree.

Students who do not maintain good academic standing will be required to:
1. Enroll in CSS 100 – Student Success Skills
2. Limit total credits per semester
3. Register with advisor approval

For more information, read the full policy in the 2016-17 SVCC catalog under Policies and Academic Standing.