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Spring Tech Talks at SVCC

Join the knowledgeable staff of SVCC's FACIT-Faculty Center for Innovative Instruction- for a series of fascinating and fun Tech Talks

Tech Talks are presented in RM 1J02, West Mall first floor across from the gym. 

Energy Storage & Molten Salt Batteries
Thursday, February 23rd, Noon
Curt Rendall
The current US electrical grid is inefficient with no capacity for storage. We will explore Molten Salt Batteries and their potential to revolutionize our relationship to energy storage and use.

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro
Monday, March 20th, 12:30
Amanda Eichman
Learn about Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro, how it differs from traditional stylus input, and the applications that best showcase its features.

The One-Button Studio
Tuesday, April 18th, 12:00
Robin Fisch
What if you could simply walk into a room, push a button, create a video, and save it to your flash drive. Learn how you can use a One Button Studio to produce high quality video at the touch of a button.

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