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Summer Tech Talks at Sauk


Traveling with Mobile Apps

May 16, 12:00pm, Greg Noack
Room 1J2
Make the most of your mobile device when traveling.
Learn about location based travel guide and tour apps, how to create travel routes for GPS directions, star destinations, download road maps to your phone for GPS directions, and how to get recommendations or reviews of destinations spots.

Secure Messaging
June 14, 12:00pm, Curt Rendall
Room 1K4

Sure, secure text messaging sounds suspicious, but it’s for everyone.
Similar to placing a letter in an envelope, it is a simple step anyone can take to limit communication to the intended parties.
Attend this tech talk to learn more about secure messaging and how to get started.

YouTube Revisited
July 12, 12:00pm, Greg Noack
Room 1J2

YouTube has changed a lot since it first started in 2005.
If you still think of YouTube as just a place to view the latest viral video or a do-it-yourself tutorial, you will be surprised to learn you can rent movies, subscribe to music, and more.

All presentation are approximately 30 minutes in length.