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SVCC Earns National Recognition

Sauk Valley Community College Receives National Recognition for Excellence in Student Voter Engagement

Illinois’ Sauk Valley Community College was recognized at the first-ever ALL IN Challenge Awards Ceremony to recognize colleges and universities committed to increasing college student voting rates. Sauk earned Best in Class Awards for participating small, two-year public institutions with the highest voting rate and most improved voting rate.

More than 30 awards were announced at the event that took place on October 19 at the Washington D.C. Newseum. A full list of award winners can be viewed at

Of the honors, Dr. David Hellmich, SVCC president shared, "At Sauk, we embrace the core ethical value of encouraging responsibility and accountability. Encouraging our students to be informed voters is a concrete way to give life to this value. Not only do I fully expect we will have the highest voting rate again during the next election, but I also expect we will have the most improved rate again as well."

Student participation in elections has increased in the past few years. A recent report, Democracy Counts: A Report on U.S. College and University Student Voting from the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement, shows that between the 2012 presidential election, and the 2016 presidential election, student voting went from 45.1% of eligible voters to 48.3% – a 7% improvement. SVCC’s data reveals that voting among Sauk students went from 64.8% to 72% - a 7.3% improvement.

“I am proud to honor SVCC with the ALL IN Challenge awards in recognition of their dedication, hard work, and achievement,” said Zaneeta E. Daver, director of the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. “SVCC is ensuring that a more representative population participates in our nation’s democracy, and educating students to be civic-minded. They are an example to be emulated.”

Nearly 300 campuses, enrolling more than 4 million students, have joined the Challenge since its launch in summer 2016.

Jon Mandrell, Vice President of Academics and Student Services