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Leadership Series by Speaker and Author Stan Pearson II

Leadership Series by Speaker and Author Stan Pearson II
  • Fri., Sept. 18 - Virtualize Your Enterprise
  • Fri., Sept. 25 - The Art of Being A Super You
  • Fri., Oct. 2 - Our Differences Shouldn't Divide Us
Emotional Intelligence, leadership, and diversity are at the very forefront of creating success and Stan is amazing at helping people CREATE that success! Attend all 3 sessions and learn to become a diligent and ambitious leader. Stan’s presentations are entertaining, educational, interactive and thought provoking from start to finish. His charisma, sense of humor & ability to connect with his audiences help everyone settle in for a good time.
10-11:30 a.m. via Zoom. Please check your student email for access to the series.
Students who attend will be entered into a chance to win a $50 bookstore gift card per session! Complete the 3 part leadership series and earn your Mindset Leadership Certification, complete with certificate and the ability to add it to your resume.
Virtual seats are limited to first come, first serve basis.
Program Descriptions:
HOW TO CREATE VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT - "Virtualize Your Enterprise"
Imagine a world where you had to have better knowledge of how to interact and engage via social media and internet platforms. Imagine most people working from home and trying to do their best within their occupation to learn new skill sets or elevate themselves as the world continues to evolve around them. Wait a minute. We ARE in that world right now! No need to worry, you are about to have the perfect experience to enhance or learn best practices as you dive into purposeful and intentional engagement to elevate yourself personally and professionally.

5 Ways To Lead With Purpose, Develop Your Gift & Be the Best Version of You

Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a gift & everyone has confidence deep down that they wish would blossom as they get out into the world & learn more about themselves. The Art of Being You, will teach you how to be the BEST version of yourself, the value of leadership, and how to motivate yourself during good & bad times. With humor, easy to follow/powerful to implement ways & reference points this program will outline your skill set and plan of action in achieving. You will learn techniques and thought out principles and guidelines that will help you reach your New Height and learn how to be the best at what you do at all times. At the end of the program, you will know and understand how important, The Art of Being You, really is.
9 Diversity Keys for Dynamic Leadership

A thought-provoking interaction presentation about the importance of actually understanding what Diversity is & how you succeed daily and consistently with an understanding of Diversity. Leadership is paramount; however, without a great understanding of diversity, leadership never truly reaches its full potential. This program will bring 9 pivotal points & thought-provoking conversation to the front of our minds so we can effectively adjust our attitudes, thrive in our lives & organizations while leading in a more inclusive format.