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Student Trustees

All of the community colleges in Illinois are overseen by a seven member elected Board of Trustees. Our trustees are dedicated and take their roles very seriously, but there is a lesser known element to this Board. By state statute all community colleges in Illinois must have a Student Trustee. Having a Student Trustee enables the students to link with the operations and decision making process that effects the students and provides the trustees and administration with an accessible student point of view. At Sauk the Student Trustee is elected by the Student Government and serves for one year. The Student Trustee attends all meetings including closed session, receives all the information as the rest of the Board and casts a vote on all matters, although the vote is “advisory” and does not actually count.

From my experience roughly ten percent of the population does all of the volunteer work in a community. If one takes a good look at who attends fundraisers, who serves on volunteer boards, who is flipping pancakes, one finds that pretty much it is the same group of people. Giving back to the community and being involved adds a great deal of richness to our lives and improves the lives of those around us. Learning how our government agencies work, is an important part of being a productive citizen. More importantly, by learning how government entities work one can help bring about necessary changes. Although there is only one student trustee, students at Sauk have many ways to be involved; Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Student Ambassadors, and numerous clubs. The student leaders of today are destined to be the community leaders of the future.

It is easy and rewarding to get involved; at Sauk we encourage our students to get involved and work toward making a difference.

I would like to say “thanks” to last year’s Student Trustee, Emilio Fischer who transferred to Aurora University where he earned all “A”s to date; this year’s Student Trustee, Mallory Sisson, who will transfer to St. Ambrose University in the fall, and welcome next year’s Trustee, Joshua Halstead. These students have made a deeper commitment to their education and an investment in their future.