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Events for 06-22-17

Full Listing for June 22, 2017

1:00p - 5:00pCNA Exam Separate Location1C03Brenda Helms
10:30a - 12:00pDeans Meeting1F01Jon Mandrell
8:15a - 9:00aEnrollment Meeting Medema1F01Pam Medema
8:00a - 3:30pKreider Services1J02Sue Ely
8:00a - 3:30pKreider Services1J04Sue Ely
12:45p - 4:00pCNA Testing1K04Brenda Helms
9:00a - 12:30pATI Testing2F01Kayla Gaffey
8:30a - 11:30aATI Comp Predictor Exam2F05Janet Lynch
8:00a - 4:00pROE Guided Math Make Take2K02Jayme Hayle
1:00p - 1:59pBanner User Group3K02Kristina Fordyce
2:00p - 3:30pGoogle Drive Gtng Started More3K02Kathy Dirks
8:30a - 10:30aSBDC Advisory Meeting3K03David Buchen

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