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Fall 2014 Course Listings

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BIO103 Introductory Biology
IAI#: L1900
30241A4MW09:30-10:453E12ED. Forman16$10Books for BIO103A
Students enrolling in the lecture sections A or B must choose AA, AB, or AC lab.
30244AATh09:30-11:103H06ED. Forman14Books for BIO103AA
30245ABTh12:00-1:403H06ED. Forman13Books for BIO103AB
30246ACW1:30-3:103H06LH. Anton12Books for BIO103AC
30242B4TTh08:00-09:153E12LH. Anton23$10Books for BIO103B
Students enrolling in the lecture sections A or B must choose AA, AB, or AC lab.
30243N4Th5:00-7:452M9AStaff22$10Books for BIO103N
Th7:50-9:253H06StaffBooks for BIO103N
BIO104 Introductory Biology
IAI#: L1900
30260A3TTh09:30-10:453E12LH. Anton29Books for BIO104A
30275TI3OnlineBW. Smith17Books for BIO104TI
BIO105 Principles of Biology
IAI#: L1900
30046A5MW08:00-09:153G08DA. Breen22$20Books for BIO105A
Students enrolling in Section A must enroll in one of the following 2 lab sections AA or AB.
30047AAT09:30-12:103F12DA. Breen4Books for BIO105AA
30048ABW1:30-4:103F12DA. Breen18Books for BIO105AB
30523N5T5:00-7:403F12LH. Anton19$20Books for BIO105N
Th5:00-7:453G08LH. AntonBooks for BIO105N
BIO108 Intro to Hum Anatomy/Physiol
IAI#: L1904
30184A4TTh11:00-12:153E12BW. Smith3$20Books for BIO108A
Th12:30-2:103E10BW. SmithBooks for BIO108A
30186AAW2:00-3:403E10ED. Forman13Books for BIO108AA
30185B4M2:00-5:003G08ED. Forman37$20Books for BIO108B
Students enrolling in section B must choose AA or NA lab.
30272N4M6:00-9:003E12ED. Forman19$20Books for BIO108N
W6:00-7:403E10ED. FormanBooks for BIO108N
30503N14M6:00-6:502D15JA. Sanders23$20Books for BIO108N1
M7:00-8:503E10JA. SandersBooks for BIO108N1
W6:00-7:502D15JA. SandersBooks for BIO108N1
30203NAW4:00-5:403E10ED. Forman24Books for BIO108NA
BIO109 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Prerequisite: 2 years high school biology and 1 year high school chemistry within last 5 years, or BIO 105 or BIO 108 and CHE 102 or 103, or consent of instructor (min grades of C)
IAI#: L1904
30051A4MW08:00-09:151K04BW. Smith10$10Books for BIO109A
30053AAM09:30-11:103E10BW. Smith1Books for BIO109AA
30057ABW09:30-11:103E10BW. Smith8Books for BIO109AB
30284N4TTh6:00-7:153E12ED. Forman25$10Books for BIO109N
30411NAT7:30-9:103E10ED. Forman8Books for BIO109NA
30412NBTh7:30-9:103E10ED. Forman16Books for BIO109NB
BIO111 Introductory Microbiology
Prerequisite: BIO 105 or BIO 108 or BIO 109 or consent of instructor (min grade of C)
30524N4MW4:00-5:153E12BW. Smith4$30Books for BIO111N
MW5:45-7:003H06BW. SmithBooks for BIO111N
BIO120 Environmental Health
30058A3MW11:00-12:153G10LH. Anton25Books for BIO120A
30059B3TTh09:30-10:453G06SW. Phillips23Books for BIO120B
30154TI3Online3G04BW. Smith20Books for BIO120TI
BIO131 General Zoology
Prerequisite: BIO 105 (required) and MAT 115 or higher is recommended
30223A5MW09:30-10:453G10DA. Breen14$57Books for BIO131A
Th09:30-12:103F12DA. BreenBooks for BIO131A
BIO 105 is required and MAT 115 or higher is recommended.