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Fall 2014 Course Listings

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CHE102 Introduction to Chemistry
IAI#: P1902
30109A3MW09:30-10:451K04Staff22Books for CHE102A
30707N3W5:00-7:303G10CJ. Everett22Books for CHE102N
30399TI3OnlineSE. Johnson23Books for CHE102TI
CHE103 Introduction to Chemistry
IAI#: P1902
30111A4MW09:30-10:451K04Staff37$10Books for CHE103A
Students enrolling in section A must choose one of the following lab sections AA, AB, or AC.
30112AAM11:00-12:403H18CJ. Everett8Books for CHE103AA
30113ABT12:30-2:103H18Staff18Books for CHE103AB
30114ACW10:50-12:303H18Staff11Books for CHE103AC
30115N4W5:00-7:303G10CJ. Everett17$10Books for CHE103N
W7:50-9:303H18CJ. EverettBooks for CHE103N
CHE105 General Chemistry I
Prerequisite: High School chemistry or CHE 103 or CHE 102
IAI#: P1902
30116A5MW11:00-12:151K04DJ. Edelbach60$5Books for CHE105A
Students enrolling in section A must enroll in one of the lab sections.
30117AAT2:30-5:003H18DJ. Edelbach16Books for CHE105AA
30118ABTh08:00-10:303H18DJ. Edelbach10Books for CHE105AB
30427ACTh12:30-3:003H18DJ. Edelbach20Books for CHE105AC
30542ADT08:00-10:303H18DJ. Edelbach14Books for CHE105AD
CHE201 Organic Chemistry I
Prerequisite: CHE 106
30190A5MW1:30-2:453E12DJ. Edelbach11$32Books for CHE201A
MW2:50-5:203H18DJ. EdelbachBooks for CHE201A