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Fire Science

Fall 2014 Course Listings

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FIR100 Introduction to Fire Science
30652N1MTWTh6:00-10:00T2D1JC. McGraw20$31Books for FIR100N
Documentation of HS Diploma or equivalent required Class dates: August 11, 2014 - August 14, 2014
FIR101 Basic Firefighter Oper-Mod A
Prerequisite: FIR 100 with grade of "C" or better
30655N4TTh6:00-10:00T2D1RE. Buskohl20$220Books for FIR101N
S08:00-5:00T2C1RE. BuskohlBooks for FIR101N
Students registering for this course must also register for FIR 102 and FIR 103 Class dates: August 19, 2014 - September 27, 2014
FIR102 Basic Firefighter Oper Mod B
Prerequisite: FIR 100 and FIR 101 with grades of "C" or better. (FIR 101 may be taken as a co-requisite)
30656N4TTh6:00-10:00T2D1RE. Buskohl20$220Books for FIR102N
S08:00-5:00T2C1RE. BuskohlBooks for FIR102N
Class dates: September 23, 2014 - November 1, 2014
FIR103 Basic Firefighter Oper Mod C
Prerequisite: FIR 100, FIR 101, and FIR 102 with grades of "C" or better. (FIR 101 and FIR 102 may be taken as co-requisites.)
30658N4TTh6:00-10:00T2D1RE. Buskohl20$220Books for FIR103N
S08:00-5:00T2C1RE. BuskohlBooks for FIR103N
Class dates: October 28, 2014 - December 11, 2014
FIR200 Management I
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or Equivalent
30660N3Th6:00-10:00T2C1DA. Northcutt23Books for FIR200N
Class dates: August 21, 2014 - October 30, 2014
FIR201 Fire Service Instructor I
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or Equivalent
30661N3M6:00-10:00T2C1MA. Dettman24Books for FIR201N
Class dates: August 18, 2014 - November 3, 2014
FIR202 Fire Prevention Principles
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or Equivalent
30662N3W6:00-10:00T2C1DA. Northcutt23Books for FIR202N
Class dates: August 20, 2014 - October 29, 2014
FIR203 Hazardous Materials I
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or Equivalent
30663A1M6:00-10:00T2D1MA. Dettman24Books for FIR203A
Class dates: November 10, 2014 - December 1, 2014