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Radiologic Technology

Fall 2014 Course Listings

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RAD184 Rad Tech Clinical Exp I
30080A3TTh08:00-4:30CL. Salsbury24$205Books for RAD184A
Class meets at SVCC first five weeks in Room 2H16 Students will be assigned to a clinical site. CGH and St. Anthony's clinical hours are 7-3:30
RAD191 Technical Nursing I
30229A1M2:00-4:302F10VM. Todd30$160Books for RAD191A
Th3:00-5:302F10VM. ToddBooks for RAD191A
Class dates: August 18, 2014 - September 22, 2014
RAD194 Intro to Radiologic Technology
30119A5W08:00-11:502H16CL. Salsbury30$200Books for RAD194A
30121AAM12:00-1:502H16DH. Brevitt10Books for RAD194AA
30120ABW1:30-3:152H16CL. Salsbury11Books for RAD194AB
30177ACW3:30-5:152H16CL. Salsbury10Books for RAD194AC
RAD197 Ionizing Radiation in Medicine
Prerequisite: RAD 196 and PHY 175 recommended. Section A meets first five weeks in Room 3E12, then moves to Room 2H16
30082A4T12:30-4:202H16DH. Brevitt30Books for RAD197A
T12:30-4:203E12DH. BrevittBooks for RAD197A
RAD200 Venipuncture
30202B1F10:00-1:002H14PA. Duncan29$175Books for RAD200B
Class dates: August 22, 2014 - September 19, 2014
RAD284 Rad Tech Clinical Exp IV
Prerequisite: RAD 186 and RAD 294 or concurrent enrollment in RAD 294
30235A4MWF08:00-4:30CL. Salsbury24$240Books for RAD284A
CGH and St. Anthony's clinical hours are 7-3:30
RAD294 Quality Control in Radiology
Prerequisite: RAD 196. Section A meets first five weeks in Room 2H10, then moves to 3E8A
30083A3Th12:30-3:202H14CL. Salsbury28Books for RAD294A
Th12:30-3:202H16CL. SalsburyBooks for RAD294A