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H84 - Certificate, Basic Wind Energy Technician

Basic Wind Energy Technician
Fall 2014 Course Listings

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Major Field Requirement

EET 107 Intro to DC and AC Circuits
30743A4TTh1:00-2:153E8AJA. Johnson10$19Books for EET107A
T2:30-4:303E8AJA. JohnsonBooks for EET107A
EET 110 Intro to Digital Electronics
30489A4TTh08:00-09:153E8ASP. McPherson10$19Books for EET110A
T09:30-11:303E8ASP. McPhersonBooks for EET110A
IND 105 Ind Computer Applications
30832A2MW08:00-09:152F05EW. Lyman23Books for IND105A
IND 116 Industrial Print Reading
30153N3M6:00-8:451C05JA. Johnson7Books for IND116N
30831TI3Online1C11CA. Carlson22Books for IND116TI
MAT 106 Applied Mathematics
30270A3TTh12:30-1:452K9ACM. Mikan21Books for MAT106A
30335B3MW08:00-09:152M05CM. Mikan21Books for MAT106B
30282C3F09:00-11:452M05Staff29Books for MAT106C
30136N3Th6:00-8:452L07Staff28Books for MAT106N
30454TI3OnlineCR. Conderman15Books for MAT106TI