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Criminal Justice

Spring 2014 Course Listings

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CJS101 Intro to Criminal Justice
60470A3TTh11:00-12:152H14JJ. Roser6Books for CJS101A
60469AF3TTh08:00-09:15HCCPJ. McClanathan0Books for CJS101AF
CJS120 Introduction to Corrections
60217TI3OnlineJC. Kerns8Books for CJS120TI
CJS130 Criminal Investigation
60517A3MW08:00-09:153G08JD. Sanders8Books for CJS130A
60526AF3M2:00-4:45HCCJD. Mandrell1Books for CJS130AF
60577N3Th6:00-8:453G08DJ. Dehaan26Books for CJS130N
CJS135 Criminal Law
60258N3W6:00-8:452M05ED. Morrow14Books for CJS135N
CJS200 Ethics in Criminal Justice
60552TI3Online3M16TL. Inman11Books for CJS200TI
CJS208 Juvenile Delinquency
60471A3TTh09:30-10:452M03JJ. Roser0Books for CJS208A
60704DSH3TTh09:30-10:452M03JJ. Roser0Books for CJS208DSH
60420TI3OnlineTL. Inman4Books for CJS208TI
CJS230 Police Community Relations
60218TI3OnlineDJ. Dehaan11Books for CJS230TI
CJS231 Criminal Evidence & Procedure
60473A3MW09:30-10:452M9ASJ. Dykstra10Books for CJS231A
60472AF3MW08:00-09:15HCCPJ. McClanathan0Books for CJS231AF
CJS232 Police and Patrol Operations
60474A3MW11:00-12:152M05SJ. Dykstra18Books for CJS232A
CJS238 Criminology
60616TI3Online3M16JC. Kerns12Books for CJS238TI
CJS250 Criminal Justice Practicum
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
60293A3TBA3M16JD. Mandrell13Books for CJS250A
Must have instructor's signature.