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Spring 2014 Course Listings

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ENG091 Developmental Composition
60005A3TTh11:00-12:152D01KL. Abele1$15Books for ENG091A
60206N3T6:00-8:452D01KL. Abele11$15Books for ENG091N
ENG099 Writing Skills
60241A3MW11:00-12:152D01TR. Irish0$15Books for ENG099A
60242B3MW2:00-3:152D01TR. Irish0$15Books for ENG099B
60243C3TTh2:00-3:152D01TR. Irish2$15Books for ENG099C
60245N3W6:00-8:452D01OM. Blazquez6$15Books for ENG099N
ENG101 Composition I
IAI#: C1900
60006A3MW08:00-09:152C3ANC. Berkey9$15Books for ENG101A
60007B3MW09:30-10:452C3AKT. Cameron1$15Books for ENG101B
60211C3MW11:00-12:152C3BAK. Eichman1$15Books for ENG101C
60008D3MW2:00-3:152C3BKT. Cameron5$15Books for ENG101D
60193E3TTh08:00-09:152D01KL. Abele4$15Books for ENG101E
60203F3TTh11:00-12:152C3BJE. Hamilton0$15Books for ENG101F
60259G3TTh2:00-3:152C3BJE. Hamilton2$15Books for ENG101G
60282N3Th6:00-8:452C3BNT. Padilla6$15Books for ENG101N
60009TI3Online2C09NC. Berkey2Books for ENG101TI
60487TI23Online2C09NC. Berkey15Books for ENG101TI2
ENG103 Composition II
IAI#: C1901
60010A3MW09:30-10:452C3BRM. Montino0$15Books for ENG103A
60011B3MW11:00-12:152C3ARM. Montino0$15Books for ENG103B
60012C3TTh2:00-3:152C3ANC. Berkey10$15Books for ENG103C
60284D3MW3:30-4:452C3AKT. Cameron3$15Books for ENG103D
60013E3TTh08:00-09:152C3AJE. Hamilton4$15Books for ENG103E
60015F3TTh09:30-10:452C3BRM. Montino0$15Books for ENG103F
60014G3TTh11:00-12:152C3ARM. Montino1$15Books for ENG103G
60519J3TTh12:30-1:452C3BRM. Montino2$15Books for ENG103J
60016N3M6:00-8:452C3AJE. Hamilton13$15Books for ENG103N
60174TI3Online2C8BD. Hill0Books for ENG103TI
60448TI23Online2C8BD. Hill0Books for ENG103TI2
60661TI33Online2C8BD. Hill17Books for ENG103TI3
ENG111 Bus/Technical Communication
60017N3W6:00-8:452C3BKT. Cameron10Books for ENG111N
60999TU3TBAJE. Hamilton2Books for ENG111TU
ENG154 Basic News Editing
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a grade of "C" or equivalent OR ENG 153 with a grade of "C" or equivalent
60671A3TTh12:30-1:451C05KT. Cameron11Books for ENG154A
ENG160 Introduction to Literature
Prerequisite: ACT standard score in English of 20 or above; suitable scores on the current English placement test or grade of "C" or higher in ENG 099
IAI#: H3900
60698A3TTh09:30-10:452M05KT. Cameron1Books for ENG160A
ENG201 Fiction
Prerequisite: ENG 101 (min grade C) or its equivalent
IAI#: H3901
60336A3MW09:30-10:452M05TR. Irish9Books for ENG201A
ENG226 American Literature From 1860
Prerequisite: ENG 101 (min grade C) or consent of instructor
IAI#: H3915
60801A3TTh11:00-12:152C10NC. Berkey23Books for ENG226A
ENG271 Creative Writing II
60553A3TTh3:30-4:452M07TR. Irish16Books for ENG271A