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Industrial / Technical

Spring 2014 Course Listings

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IND116 Industrial Print Reading
60350N3M6:00-8:452C3BGA. Smith1Books for IND116N
IND131 OSHA Standards
60538A1F08:00-1:001C03SP. McPherson2$45Books for IND131A
Class dates: March 21, 2014 - March 28, 2014
IND218 Fluid Power
Prerequisite: IND 116
60682A3MW08:00-09:501B01JA. Johnson3$19Books for IND218A
MW08:00-09:501C03JA. JohnsonBooks for IND218A
IND219 Industrial Troubleshooting
Prerequisite: ELT 160, ELT 262, and EET 245 with a grade of "C" or higher or Competency test with a grade of 80% or higher
60683N3W6:00-9:301B01JA. Johnson11$19Books for IND219N
W6:00-9:301C03JA. JohnsonBooks for IND219N
IND239 Industrial Communications
60684TU3TBASP. McPherson9Books for IND239TU
IND250 Industrial Internship
Prerequisite: Completion of 12 credit hours in major field and consent of instructor
60265A3TBACA. Carlson10$19Books for IND250A
Instructor Approval required for enrollment.
60270B2TBACA. Carlson10$19Books for IND250B
Instructor Approval required for enrollment.
60292C1TBACA. Carlson10$19Books for IND250C
Instructor Approval required for enrollment.
60572D1TBASP. McPherson10$19Books for IND250D
60719E2TBASP. McPherson10$19Books for IND250E
60745F3TBASP. McPherson0$19Books for IND250F