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Early Childhood Education

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ECE Classes

ECE 202 Lang Develop in Young Children
60552 TI 3 Online  JA. Jones 4 Books for ECE&course-1=202&section-1=TI
ECE 240 Observ & Assess Young Children
60616 N 3 W 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2L07 KI. Schaefer 24 Books for ECE&course-1=240&section-1=N
ECE 250 Early Childhood Practicum I
60237 A 3 T 6:00pm- 8:40pm 2K9A JA. Jones 4 Books for ECE&course-1=250&section-1=A
ECE 275 Curric Dev Early Child Classrm
60553 A 3 MW 11:00am- 12:15pm 2C06 JA. Jones 24 Books for ECE&course-1=275&section-1=A