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ELT Classes

ELT 160 Fundamentals of Electricity
60512 N 3 MW 4:00pm- 5:50pm 1B05 CA. Carlson 2 $59 Books for ELT&course-1=160&section-1=N
MW 4:00pm- 5:50pm 1C05
ELT 259 Industri & Agricultur Wiring
60513 N 3 Th 6:00pm- 9:50pm 1B05 CD. Smith 4 $30 Books for ELT&course-1=259&section-1=N
Th 6:00pm- 9:50pm 1C03
ELT 261 National Electric Code
60183 TI 3 Online  MAIN SP. McPherson 17 Books for ELT&course-1=261&section-1=TI
ELT 262 Electrical Controls
60728 N 3 M 6:00pm- 9:20pm 1B05 CA. Carlson 3 $30 Books for ELT&course-1=262&section-1=N
M 6:00pm- 9:20pm 1C05