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Human Services

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HSV Classes

HSV 110 Intro to Human Services
60790 A 1 TBA   SM. Zinke 8 Books for HSV&course-1=110&section-1=A
HSV 210 Human Services Seminar I
60428 N 1 W 5:00pm- 5:50pm 2K9ASM. Zinke 8 Books for HSV&course-1=210&section-1=N
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 250.
HSV 211 Human Services Seminar II
60410 N 1 W 5:00pm- 5:50pm 2K9ASM. Zinke 9 Books for HSV&course-1=211&section-1=N
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 251.
HSV 250 Human Services Practicum I
60429 A 3 TBA   SM. Zinke 8 Books for HSV&course-1=250&section-1=A
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 210.
HSV 251 Human Services Practicum II
60411 A 3 TBA   SM. Zinke 9 Books for HSV&course-1=251&section-1=A
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 211.