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PSY Classes

PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology
IAI#: S6900
60037 A 3 MW 9:30am- 10:45am 2C06 AN. Jakobsen 0 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=A
60353 B 3 TTh 9:30am- 10:45am 2C06 TR. Walrath 0 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=B
60308 C 3 TTh 8:00am- 9:15am 2C06 TR. Walrath 26 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=C
60204 TI 3 Online  AN. Jakobsen 2 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=TI
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
60536 TI2 3 Online  AN. Jakobsen 6 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=TI2
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
PSY 200 Human Growth & Development
IAI#: S6902
60038 A 3 MW 11:00am- 12:15pm 3G06 TR. Walrath 2 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=A
60441 TI 3 Online  TR. Walrath 0 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=TI
PSY 214 Child Developmental Psychology
IAI#: S6903
60115 A 3 TTh 9:30am- 10:45am 3G06 AE. Smith 4 Books for PSY&course-1=214&section-1=A
PSY 215 Social Psychology
IAI#: S8900
60354 A 3 TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 2C10 TR. Walrath 17 Books for PSY&course-1=215&section-1=A
PSY 217 Abnormal Psychology
60040 TI 3 Online  AN. Jakobsen 4 Books for PSY&course-1=217&section-1=TI