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English Language Arts

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ELA Classes

ELA 090 English Language Arts
10176 TI 1 Online  RM. Montino 15 $15 Books for ELA&course-1=090&section-1=TI
This section is reserved for students taking online (TI) sections of ENG 101. If your counselor has specified you take ELA 090 with your ENG 101 TI section, please enroll for this section.
ELA 095 Developmental Language Arts
10147 A 4 TTh 9:00am- 12:45pm 2C3B RM. Montino 12 $15 Books for ELA&course-1=095&section-1=A
ELA 099 Prep Lang Arts for Coll Stud
10148 A 4 MW 9:00am- 12:45pm 2C3B OM. Blazquez 7 $15 Books for ELA&course-1=099&section-1=A