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MAT Classes

MAT 070, 075 and 081 are taught in several delivery modes. Follow this link for an explanation.
MAT 070 Fundamentals of Mathematics
10137 A 3 TTh 9:00am- 12:40pm 3M10 RK. Hobson 28 Books for MAT&course-1=070&section-1=A
10148 N 3 TTh 6:00pm- 9:40pm 3M10 BK. Randazzo 21 Books for MAT&course-1=070&section-1=N
MAT 075 Beginning Algebra
10147 A 4 TTh 9:00am- 12:40pm 3M10 RK. Hobson 17 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=075&section-1=A
10130 N 4 TTh 6:00pm- 9:40pm 3M10 BK. Randazzo 18 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=075&section-1=N
MAT 076 Geometry
10035 A 4 TTh 1:00pm- 4:40pm 2M07 RF. Sotelo 19 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=076&section-1=A
MAT 081 Intermediate Algebra
10131 A 4 TTh 9:00am- 12:40pm 3M10 RK. Hobson 19 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=081&section-1=A
10149 N 4 TTh 6:00pm- 9:40pm 3M10 BK. Randazzo 25 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=081&section-1=N
MAT 106 Applied Mathematics
10091 TI 3 Online  MAIN CR. Conderman 7 Books for MAT&course-1=106&section-1=TI
Proctored exams are required for this course. Arrangements for proctoring locations, other than the SVCC testing center, can be made for students living out of district by approval of the instructor. Any fees related to off-site testing are the responsbility of the student.
MAT 121 College Algebra
10020 A 4 TTh 9:00am- 12:30pm 3G06 CR. Conderman 17 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=121&section-1=A
MAT 122 Trigonometry
10021 N 3 TTh 1:00pm- 3:45pm 2H14 CR. Conderman 12 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=122&section-1=N
MAT 221 Calc for Bus & Soc Science
IAI#: M1900
10022 A 3 MW 10:00am- 12:45pm 2L05 BL. Beyerl 16 Books for MAT&course-1=221&section-1=A
MAT 240 Elementary Statistics
IAI#: M1902
10115 A 3 MW 1:00pm- 3:45pm 2F05 BL. Beyerl 4 $10 Books for MAT&course-1=240&section-1=A