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SPE Classes

SPE 131 Intro to Oral Communication
IAI#: C2900
10100 A 3 TTh 1:00pm- 3:45pm 2L07 NC. Berkey 25 Books for SPE&course-1=131&section-1=A
10101 B 3 MW 1:00pm- 3:45pm 3G06 PA. Fulfs 25 Books for SPE&course-1=131&section-1=B
10135 C 3 MW 9:00am- 11:45am 3F02 PA. Fulfs 25 Books for SPE&course-1=131&section-1=C
10054 N 3 TTh 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2H14JD. Moore 25 Books for SPE&course-1=131&section-1=N
SPE 147 Theatre Practicum
10181 A 1 TBA   Staff 10 Books for SPE&course-1=147&section-1=A