The Skyhawk View

September 2020 Volume 7, Issue 1

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Cleaning Up The Neighborhood

A Walmart shopping bag lies on the ground waiting to be picked up.
A Walmart shopping bag lies on the ground waiting to be picked up.

By Glen Wicks

All around the world, garbage is carelessly thrown about on the ground instead of the trash can where they are supposed to be. That includes the neighborhood just South of the Joseph H. Bittorf Airport. It is bad enough that we have trash lying around near the highways, but it is genuinely upsetting to have it lying in someone’s front yard. That is why I encourage residents of this neighborhood to invest in recycling bins to help reduce the amount of waste there.

Keeping a neighborhood fairly clean is a great way to help out your environment in which you live, and buying a recycling bin for your household is a majorly positive step in that direction.

Jackson Reinhardt, a Sauk student and a resident of this neighborhood, states “I know on my street that we don’t have any recycling bins. If my neighbors got together and found a way to have recycling bins for the neighborhood to use, it would be more convenient for the neighbors so they would be more inclined to do it.”

I thoroughly agree with Reinhardt’s idea of incorporating recycling bins for every neighbor to use in case they need to pick up the trash they find on his or her property. This way, there will be more Good Samaritans involved with cleaning up other people’s messes.