The Skyhawk View

September 2020 Volume 7, Issue 1

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Funeral for a Firefighter

An American flag is shown o honor an American hero.
An American flag is shown o honor an American hero.

By Glen Wicks

On September 3rd, many residents of Rock Falls, including first responders and local firefighters, attended the funeral service for fellow firefighter William Milby. His funeral was held at RB & W Park in Rock Falls from 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. Tears were shed, prayers were sent from family members and friends, and emergency response vehicles appeared to honor this man’s duty to the people as well as his life and legacy. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, people were forced to wear masks at Milby’s service.

There were many people that knew Bill Milby as a friend and as a hero. Melissa Wicks, a former classmate of Bill Milby in high school, explains, “His childhood dream was to become a firefighter which he was able to achieve for 33 years. He even made it to the role of the fire chief!” Wicks goes on to explain how Milby married one of his classmates, Kathy Arduini, and had many children combined. “He was a fighter, a leader, a son, a brother, but most importantly, he was a great father. He was definitely a pillar of our community and a great example of our generation,” notes Wicks.

Shortly after retirement in 2018, Milby was diagnosed with renal cancer. He ended up passing away on August 27th from his illness. His death struck everyone he knew such as his fellow firemen, his friends outside the fire department building, and most of all,