The Skyhawk View

September 2020 Volume 7, Issue 1

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Sterling Races to the Win

By Jessica Payne

Sterling High school nearly scored a clean sweep against United Township with a close race to first at the cross country meet on September 3rd in Hoover Park located in Sterling. In the girl’s division Sterling Sophomore Kylie Nicklaus Pulled out a win with a time of 19 minutes and 42 seconds. United Township runner Maddie Miller was close behind.

Sterling took the next 4 places with Lily Peavy in third, Mika Martinez in fourth, Sarah Navarro in fifth, and Rhylee Wade in sixth. United township runner Analya Sedano took seventh place. Sterling claimed the last 3 places with Megan Gingrich in eighth, Laney Block in ninth, and Ellie Mahar in tenth. Sterling claimed 8 of the top ten spots in the girls division.

In the boy’s division Sterling Freshman Dale Johnson was first with a time of 16 minutes Sterling Races to the Win and 26 seconds. United township runner Logan Veloz was close behind in second.

Sterling High school took the next five places with Javon Bruce in third, Sam Brown in fourth, Thomas Holcomb in fifth, John Cid in sixth, And Owen Anderson in seventh. United Township runners Kade Rodgers and Josh Allen claimed the eighth and ninth places respectively, and Sterling runner Connor Pham took tenth. Sterling boy’s took 7 of the top ten spots.