The Skyhawk View

October 2020 Volume 8, Issue 1

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Review: A Beloved Trilogy Gets a New Addition

By Jessica Payne

             In August a new book was published in “The Hunger Games,” series by author Suzanne Collins, with a new twist that is leaving readers ready for more.

             The prequel is distinctly different from its predecessors as it examines the event of the 10th annual hunger games from the perspective of notorious villain, Coriolanus Snow. 

            “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” Is a refreshing throwback for those who enjoyed the original Hunger Games.

            The story follows a new cast of characters living in a Panem that is still recovering from the war between the capitol and the districts. 

            The story offers a new and interesting look at the hunger games. It’s no longer a story of a young girl fighting for her life. It’s the story of a young man who is using the hunger games to help secure his future.         

            The new book gives Coriolanus a complex backstory of a child who has grown up in a war-torn country, losing both his mother and father in the process. As the story progresses the reader sees the different impact this childhood has had on the other young people in Coriolanus’ class as they mentor tributes in the hunger games. 

            The story deals with social issues parallel to what we experience in our own world. Prejudices against those different, corruption, and a government that rules by fear.

            Due to the success of the original trilogy a movie deal was announced on the heels of the publication announcement and should be expected coming soon to a theater near you.