The Skyhawk View

October 2020 Volume 8, Issue 1

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Feature: Getting Connected

By Glen Wicks

     In downtown Dixon on Hennepin Avenue, there sits a small building with the words Audio/Video Connection on the front windows. The business is located between Sherwin Williams and the Lee County Historical and Genealogical society building, and it is also found across the street from the town center parking lot. 

     Audio/Video Connection’s overall purpose is to help customers install electronic products in their homes such as new televisions, security systems, and even custom home theaters; however, the main goal is to meet the customer’s expectations and satisfaction. In order to achieve this, they use certain strategies to ensure that their business remains successful in a smaller town such as Dixon. 

     “What my employees and I do is watch the needs of the local economy and get on social media sites like Facebook to target customers who want specific products,” states Ken Koch, the owner of Audio/Video connection. “In the old days, our advertisements were found in the newspaper. Since social media has taken over, people read Facebook posts like they are newspaper articles, and we now display our advertisements online.”

     “We also take notice of what product becomes popular at certain times of the year,” adds koch. “For example, if a computer were to blow up in popularity during the winter, our business would put more emphasis on that particular computer”

     Koch goes on to express his feelings for his customers’ positive feedback. “On occasion, I, along with my employees, receive letters and compliments telling us how great our services are.” “We really appreciate their kind words and hope to remain a successful business,” comments Koch. 

     With these strategies put into motion, the people at Audio/Video Connection try to stay connected with their community the best they can.