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October 2020 Volume 8, Issue 1

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SVCC Students Decide Who to Elect President

Sauk Votes Graphic
Sauk Votes Graphic

By Ethan Ainley

     SVCC students are split on who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Some students are passionate about the re-election of Trump, while some see Biden as their only option, and others, voting third party, declare the two-party system to be outdated. 

     The Skyhawk View surveyed 75 students on what presidential candidate they will be voting for this election. Results from the September 29th survey are as follows: Donald Trump (39.19%), Joe Biden (35.14%), Not Voting (5.41%), and Other (20.27%). 

     Many students were divided on the candidates from one saying, “Not Donald Trump,” to another student saying, “Anyone’s better than Biden.” Other students decided they will, “...be voting for a third party.” 

     The students that are voting for Trump think he has upended the political landscape and challenged other politicians. One student said, “President Trump is the only person who offers people an alternative to the status quo of democratic leadership destroying our country.”

     They believe that Trump has accomplished his goals during his presidency. A student said, “Trump has done more in 4 years of government than what Biden or any other person has done in 30+ years of government.”

     Students supporting Trump said that the media has inaccurately reported on his presidency. One student had this to say, “ I am tired of dishonesty from the mainstream media which keeps us divided more than Donald Trump ever has.”

     SVCC students that are voting for Biden indicated that they are, “Settling for Biden.” Reasons given include the fact that “He is the Democratic candidate.” One student said, “I don’t fully agree with Biden’s views but we need a Democrat in office.” 

     The other reason students are voting for Biden is that they are against Trump. Many focused on their dislike of Trump over a passion for Biden’s policies. A student stated, “I normally vote Republican. I am extremely Anti-Trump.” One SVCC student believes that “...Donald Trump is unfit as president and doesn't represent the qualities an American president should exhibit,” and therefore is voting Biden. 

     Some students decided on voting for third parties. “I understand that a third party candidate will likely not win, but they deserve funding and participation so that we can get out of this very outdated two-party system,” said one student. This third-party voter is unsatisfied with the two main candidates and has decided to use their vote as a “form of trying to fight the two-party system.”

     SVCC students head to the polls on November 3rd to cast their votes.