The Skyhawk View

October 2020 Volume 8, Issue 1

Issue Table of Contents

Women's Tennis: Dixon vs. Sterling Scores

By Graycyn Bennett




Leah Keuhl (Dixon) was defeated by Lexi Rodriguez (Sterling) 1-6 in the first set. 

Taylor Harrison (Dixon) was defeated by Kaylee Martinez (Sterling) 4-6 in the first set which required a second tiebreaker set to determine the winner.

Kaylee Martinez took the win from Taylor Harrison with a 6-8 in the second set. 




Riley Bally and Emma Russel of Dixon defeated Olivia Pitkin and Amy Zeigler of Sterling 6-3 in the first set and 6-4 in the second set. 

Chloe Coil and Kyarra McGlown of Dixon were defeated by McKenzie Hubbard and Anna Meltzer of Sterling 3-6 in the first and second sets.

Maci Kelly and Meagan McClane of Dixon were defeated by Sam Feather and Jenica Francis   1-6 in the first set and 2-6 in the second set.

Angel Gray and Miriyah Sohail of Dixon were defeated by Tori Stutzke and Madison Hubbs of Sterling 2-8 in the first set.