The Skyhawk View

November 2020 Volume 3, Issue 3

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Badass Pizza's Interior

The restaurant's sign on the front wall of the building
The restaurant's sign on the front wall of the building

By Glenn Wicks

     In the late afternoon of November 7th, I walked into BadAzz Pizzeria-n-Grill, a restaurant that recently opened nearby Walmart in Dixon. After entering the establishment, the interior and the atmosphere of the restaurant immediately caught my eye, and I was instantly filled with amusement. 

     The entire restaurant was music themed much like the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants that exist. Numerous posters of famous musical artists like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon were delicately placed on the walls. The walls and shelves inside the restaurant were also adorned with different musical instruments like a trumpet, an electric guitar, and even a drum set. Every object hung up on the walls and placed on the shelves had its purpose in creating a groovy atmosphere.

     The lighting inside the establishment also added a lot to the atmosphere. After I walked inside the restaurant, I noticed that the lighting was dimly lit with small lights hanging from the ceiling above the booths. I assumed that the purpose of having the restaurant dimly lit was to make all the music-related objects and posters stand out for the customers’ amusement. It also made the restaurant feel like a cozy and casual place to hang out with your friends or family and just take it easy. 

     I believe that the atmosphere of a restaurant really affects how the food appears and tastes. I have ordered a pizza to eat in that restaurant before, and I thoroughly enjoyed consuming it partly due to the environment around me.

     Leanne White, a customer at the restaurant, commented on how great the service was and how beautifully decorated the inside was.

     Overall, I found this restaurant to be a very atmospheric, expressive place to eat, and I will definitely revisit it again.