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November 2020 Volume 3, Issue 3

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Faculty Feature

Carol Reavey
Carol Reavey

By Carol Reavey

     To know me is to know my writing and my gardening.  

     Although I earned a degree in writing, personal writing remained a far off shadowy goal that existed in the sometime of the future. My life changed six years ago when writing made its way from the background of my life to the forefront. I had this incredible urge to publish a novel. After great attempts to run from the overwhelming task of penning a novel, my first novel was published in 2014. I learned a lot about publishing, writing, and connecting with writers worldwide. I now engage with aspiring writers, in my spare time, through editing, graphic design, workshops, writing guilds, and special programs. I love the fact that I have published two novels and will continue to hone my own craft, but I am driven by helping others achieve the dream of sharing their own stories and ideas. 

     In my spare, spare time I enjoy gardening. I find my family and my faith in gardening. My father and grandmother were avid gardeners and I feel their encouragement and advice as I walk in their footsteps. Digging in the dirt with the sun on my back and a light breeze stirring through the garden rows brings me peace. I head for the garden when things are most disrupted in life. Gardening is a form of spiritual, emotional, and physical caretaking.

     I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little through these thoughts. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me into the Sauk family.