The Skyhawk View

November 2020 Volume 3, Issue 3

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Selmi's Virtual Tour

Selmi's store
Selmi's store

By Glenn Wicks

             On October 1, Selmi’s Greenhouse and Farm Market set into motion a virtual tour of their farm for teachers and students to view and enjoy. Since then, they have received many positive and enlightening responses from teachers and children not just from Rock Falls, but around the world.

            Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Connie Selmi decided to create this virtual tour so that teachers and their students would not miss out on what they have to offer.

            The virtual tour itself consists of a fun and enjoyable combination of science, technology, and cooking so that kids can learn and gain new knowledge from the experience. The tour even includes a special guest appearance by Magic Dave, a local magician from Round Lake Beach, Illinois.

              Ava Prior, a worker at Selmi’s, comments on the virtual tour and the international success it has gained in the past several weeks. “This year is our first year doing this. We just figured it would be a really good way to access the farm without having to be here physically since we cannot do the school tours,” states Prior. “From what I can tell, Connie has put a lot of work into it and it seems to be going very well.”

            Prior continues by discussing the teachers’ and the students’ reactions to the virtual field trip overall. “We have had a lot of teachers commenting on how it’s such a really good experience, especially this year. It’s something different for their kids to try with not being able to do what they usually do,” adds Prior.