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November 2020 Volume 3, Issue 3

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Triple P BBQ perseveres during pandemic

Triple P BBQ opens a new location in Dixon IL during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Triple P BBQ opens a new location in Dixon IL during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Graycyn Bennett

     Triple P BBQ may be facing some challenges during Covid-19, but they are still providing local favorites with new safe ways of distribution. 

     Triple P BBQ was founded in 2017 by Shane Porter, who opened his first of two locations in Rock Falls IL.

     In the beginning of September 2020, Triple P BBQ opened their second location in Dixon, IL during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which was not as eventful as Porter was used to. The new expansion has proven to be a good business move for Triple P BBQ as Porter stated “we are actually doing numbers better than before Covid” despite not being able to provide customers with the indoor dining experience.

     Triple P BBQ is also expanding distribution by now offering delivery through Doordash. This new means of delivery was a difficult financial decision for the business as delivery services can charge upwards of 30-percent for the partnership. Triple P BBQ was able to negotiate a deal with Doordash through their food provider in order to reduce the fee and provide menu favorites for consumers.

     Porter said that the restaurant has “fared pretty well” compared to other businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. He even went on to say during stage 3 “we did phenomenal” thanks to their outdoor patio at their Rock Falls location.

     That is not to say Triple P BBQ has avoided complications completely. Out of around 30 employees, about half of the workers have been laid off primarily due to the indoor service shut down that has suspended indoor dining since March. Porter stated “once we saw that it [Covid-19 shutdowns] wasn’t going to end anytime soon, I basically laid everyone off except my managers and a couple cooks.”

     As sales began to increase again due to a new drive-up window at their Rock Falls location, Porter stated “certain nights we would bring some staff back to help box and bag up food…but currently most of them are laid off.” Porter also stated that “my Dixon store seems to have more employees than any of them [Triple P BBQ locations].”

     Triple P BBQ has also had to cut ties with their local meat distributor due to the inflation in price of animal products during the beginning phases of the pandemic. The meat is still sourced locally through Wichita Packing Co. out of Chicago IL.