The Skyhawk View

February 2021 Volume 4, Issue 1

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Review: “Just-Impressions” with Justin Rupple

By Ethan Ainley, lifestyle reporter

Due to COVID, Justin Rupple has had to pivot his comedy show to go virtual, and doing so has created a delightful interactive experience. 

On January 27th, Rupple brought his “Just-Impressions” comedy show to SVCC and surrounding schools virtually via YouTube. Through using a YouTube live stream he was able to easily get immediate feedback from the audience who help shape the virtual show with their suggestions.

Before the pandemic, Rupple had been considering a virtual show that could be controlled by the audience. The pandemic forced him to transition to this “totally different process from doing stand-up.”

Rupple says, “It’s a challenge, but one that has yielded big rewards.” And he is correct because the results are a hilarious and totally unique comedy experience.

Not only is it a great experience for the audience but Rupple says, “ It allowed me to strengthen the art of improv and learn the ins and out of live virtual streaming capabilities.”

An amazing show doesn’t come without its challenges and Rupple admits the biggest one is, “ There isn’t any laughter.” 

He gives credit to his producers, co-creator, and the audience for making the show “nothing short of magic.”

Through an earpiece, Rupple says his producers/co-creator will “chuckle or toss up a good improv line. This show would be impossible without them.”

He also “can’t express enough how much” he loves the audience. “The crowd is the show in comedy,” says Rupple, and “Their suggestions and emojis are everything.” 

The best part of “Just Impressions” was getting to choose the impressions and situations you wanted to hear from Rupple. This allows the audience to take their time to think about the impressions they wish to see. It opens up a whole new comedy experience to have during these COVID times and even after them. 

Justin Rupple offered a list of outstanding impressions for the audience to choose from in real-time. That includes Jeff Goldblum, Professor Snape, Family Guy characters, an incredible Seth Rogen laugh, and more.

His personal favorite is always changing but Rupple said that Katt Williams holds a special place in his heart. He said, “...my mother and I always enjoyed watching Katt Williams comedy specials. I would say his catchphrases to make her laugh.”

However, he says, “Then, I accidentally did it in front of Katt.” Luckily, Rupple says, “He liked it, and his team of security liked it.” For Justin Rupple he doesn’t do many impressions of comics but when he does he says, “...it’s the biggest compliment I can give someone.”

You can check out a trailer for the “Just Impressions” with Justin Rupple live show and an example of how these impressions are suggested righthere.