The Skyhawk View

February 2021 Volume 4, Issue 1

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Spring scoring with COVID

By Mia Ashley

Finally, COVID-19 will not be getting in the way of SVCC’s Spring Sports season 2021. Sauk Valley has high hopes for its sports but then COVID-19 got in the way and made it almost impossible for teams to practice and compete. 

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, Basketball season was prohibited and considered a “High Risk” sport. Luckily for those sports coming up such as, Golf, Tennis, Softball, Track and Field, and Baseball, they have been claimed “medium to low risk” and able to start their season successfully.

Although sports have been granted the ‘Okay’ to start practice and compete, it still is considered unsafe to have spectators. 

Michael Stevenson, the Athletics Director, explains that “We are currently live streaming Volleyball matches and are looking into the opportunity to live stream outdoor sports as well.” In addition, he says that “all sports are required to wear masks at all times, even during play…” Stevenson optimistically states that “we are looking into Covid-19 testing for our sports teams as well”. 

Sauk Valley has had to prepare for all possibilities, good and bad, that could happen with the unpredictability of COVID-19. Stevenson shares that if Covid-19 decided to take a turn for the worst, SVCC would do its best to “pause sports for as long as possible” to be able to keep the season up and running. Stevenson continues, “We will do our best not to shut down…until we have no other choice”.

Stevenson would like to advise the SVCC friends and family to “’Grin and bear it’…we have to continue to be vigilant with Covid and do everything in our power to keep the spread down. We will all get through this if we work together to do so!”