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March 2021 Volume 4, Issue 2

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A shot of reality

Ferry and Wissel discuss drunk driving to their audience.
Ferry and Wissel discuss drunk driving to their audience.

By Glenn Wicks, SVCC news reporter

On Wednesday March 3rd, Sauk Valley Community College offered all of its students a chance to participate in an online show on Zoom called “A Shot of Reality,” which began later at 7:10 p.m.   

The basic goal of this online show was to inform college students about the dangers and consequences of alcohol but in a comedic way.  As the advertisement for the meeting stated, “The program will cover topics such as alcoholism, binge drinking, social mistakes, assault, health risks, drunk driving and more in an entertaining way to get the facts without being lectured at or being bored.” 

You might think that mixing a serious subject such as alcohol abuse with comedy is a bit odd and risky, but the people who hosted the show accomplished just that in a wholesome way. 

The show on Zoom was hosted by two individuals named Jillian Ferry and Bryce Wissel  who offered their own advice on avoiding the risks that come with mishandling alcohol while entertaining their audience. In order to get their point across, they showed humorous clips of drunk people doing nonsensical things. 

Ferry and Wissel used different tactics to get their students involved with the show. They asked for volunteers in the audience to press the “raise hand” icon on Zoom so that they could participate in numerous fun activities, and they created polls for students to answer. The most wholesome tactic they used was encouraging students in the audience to speak up about their own experience with alcohol. It was a rather considerate action for the hosts to take. 

One of the hosts, Jillian Ferry, seemed very delighted about the outcome of the show. “Students did a great job answering polls, commenting in the chat, and volunteering to join us on screen so overall it felt like a success!” commented ferry. “