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March 2021 Volume 4, Issue 2

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Review: Eggs in Paradise

A takeout order from Eggs  in Paradise.
A takeout order from Eggs in Paradise.

By Glen Wicks, staff reporter

Eggs in Paradise is a small restaurant located just off 35th Avenue across from Aldi’s in Sterling. This restaurant in particular has done fairly well throughout the strain of COVID-19 in terms of handling takeout orders. If you plan on ordering takeout from Eggs in Paradise, you can expect good customer service which is one of the restaurant’s strengths. 

Once you walk inside, you are immediately greeted by one of the employees. They are likely to say positive things to you after you stroll in like, “Welcome to Eggs in Paradise!” If they are busy, they still remain positive with their customers and ask newcomers, “Please wait just a moment.”

After ordering your food for takeout, they usually tell you how long it will take for your meal to cook. They then ask you politely to wait in your car for a while until they bring your food out to you. You then pay for your order in cash since they do not take debit, and go outside to your vehicle. 

After they finish preparing your meal, they place it in a durable styrofoam container to ensure that it stays warm longer. Finally, they take the food out to you and wish you a nice day. 

The quality of a restaurant’s customer service aspect really does affect the quality of the food you eat. If you received poor customer service from a restaurant such as the employees creating unnecessary problems like arguing and forgetting orders, you would not be able to enjoy your food since it was such a struggle trying to get your order. 

Fortunately, Eggs in Paradise possesses good customer service which makes the food delicious!

Elizabeth Richter, a recent customer of Eggs in Paradise, states her experience inside the restaurant. “I think the customer service was great! The waitress was nice and kept bringing my friends and I coffee,” comments Richter.