The Skyhawk View

March 2021 Volume 4, Issue 2

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Satire: Woman loses glasses in optical shop

By Nic Bullock

Gayle Thomas, 67 was shopping for new glasses at her local Wal-Mart’s optical department when she accidently lost her own pair of glasses on the frame display board.

After having tried on dozens of different frames, switching back and forth from her own pair to demo pairs, she didn’t notice at first that she had put her own glasses onto the display board and forgot where she had put them.

Thomas was accompanied by daughter, Christy Montclair, 44 who had to help her mother search for the lost spectacles.

“I couldn’t stop laughing! We had to search the wall of frames for a good five minutes before we finally found where she had stuck her glasses,” Montclair said. “We tried to find them before anyone would notice, to save embarrassment, but the young man working saw mom’s frantic searching and saw me laughing and he came over to help us.”

Optical technician, Simon Tidwell, 27 recalls, “This isn’t the first time we’ve had this happen, but usually customers seem to have trouble finding their old glasses when the frame is still on their face. Honestly, I just wanted to help the lady find her stuff and get her out so that I could take my lunch.”

Thomas was relieved to have her glasses back. “We wanted to kill a little time before we had to meet my son and his new girlfriend at the China Buffet across the street for lunch. The kid working was such a sweetie, though. And patient… I’ve been in the market for some new glasses since I walked in here, and he explained that I’d need a current prescription, which I didn’t have, but he didn’t mind searching their systems to see if I had any vision insurance that they could take. Unfortunately, they don’t because I don’t pay for any vision plans. I do have one of those Rx discount cards, but it didn’t help him find me in there.”