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April 2021 Volume 4, Issue 6

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Skyhawks Got Talent could be cancelled

Virtual Skyhawks Got Talent flyer (*Note: the deadline has changed to April 21)
Virtual Skyhawks Got Talent flyer (*Note: the deadline has changed to April 21)

By Ethan Ainley

The SVCC talent show, Skyhawks Got Talent, struggles to get students to participate in the virtual event that is supposed to happen on April 28. 

A lack of submissions prompted SGA and student activities coordinator, Ana Salgado, to extend the submission deadline that was originally April 14 to April 21. 

They are experiencing more difficulty in getting participants this year for the talent show due to most students being off-campus. Salgado says, “We’re trying to do the best we can.”

Salgado also says, “When we were in person it was easier because people who knew each other and who knew others with talent would talk.” 

She wishes that they “were able to have it in person because it really brings the Sauk students, faculty, and staff together for a good time in the Dillon Mall.” However, “It is what it is.”

SGA president, Anah Chamberlain, believes students are less involved because “Everyone spends their day staring at computer screens for class, so by the time it comes to attending a student event, a lot of students don't want to sit at the computer again.”

The goal is to have at the very least “about 6” students participating in the talent show. If not enough students sign up by April 21st, Salgado says that “this time we might just cancel or we might find another program to offer on that day.”

SVCC Vice President, Jon Mandrell, says “the need to be socially distanced and offering just one delivery has impacted attendance.”

Although interest is low in virtual events like the talent show, Dr. Mandrell still sees the future potential of, “A ‘HyFlex’ model, where multiple deliveries are offered…” This model “could be something to consider both in and out of the classroom.”

Dr. Mandrell says, “Going forward, I think having multiple deliveries is exciting and an opportunity for increasing engagement.” By allowing, “tremendous access to students to view student activities from any place in the world.”

He believes that more students will get involved when they are back to being physically on campus. “For example, if there is a musician or talent show in the Dillon Mall, it is likely that the sights and sounds of it alone will draw students in and attract an audience,” says Dr. Mandrell.

At this time, the virtual talent show will tentatively be held on Wednesday, April 28 viaGoogle Hangouts from 12:30-1:30 pm. Any changes to this will be announced via email.