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April 2021 Volume 4, Issue 6

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United As One

Dr. Joshua Fredenburg talks to  his audience through Zoom.
Dr. Joshua Fredenburg talks to his audience through Zoom.

By Glen Wicks, staff reporter

On April 7th, Sauk students were given the opportunity to participate in an event on Zoom called United As One. The event was held by Dr. Joshua Fredenburg, a professional speaker who travels to various colleges and universities to relay a message to students about the importance of leadership and diversity. 

The meeting on Zoom opened with a brief introductory clip displaying Fredenburg speaking to other audiences around the nation. It was a pretty effective way of establishing who we would be listening to for a while. 

The speech he gave about what it really means to be a leader on this planet turned out to be very evocative, and it was helped by his enthusiasm speaking to his audience. He put a lot of emphasis on his enunciation and was quite boisterous and energetic throughout the meeting which really had a positive impact on his speech. He was so passionate that he frequently needed to wipe sweat off his face with a nearby towel. 

The topics he discussed with his audience were all poignant as well. He included how love is a key factor for being an effective leader, as well as how important it is to consider another individual’s perspective. His enthusiasm with these topics really allowed people to invest themselves in what he was talking about. 

At the end of the speech, people seemed really pleased with Fredenburg. Ana Salgado, the coordinator of student activities at Sauk, typed in the chat, “We hope to see you next year!”

Overall, it was an effective speech that really put things into perspective and made the audience realize that in order to be a successful leader, they just need to have love for their fellow human beings.