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SOAR users. . .


SOAR users. . .

When entering the Secured Area for the first time . . .
  • you will be prompted for your ID - enter your 9 digit Student ID (include the @ sign in the first position)
  • you will be prompted for your PIN - this has initially been set to your birthdate (6 numeric digits)
    (Example: May 17, 1975 = 051775)
  • you will then be prompted to change your PIN - this must be a 6 numeric digits
  • you will then be prompted to enter a security question and answer - this is case sensitive
  • you will then be prompted to accept the Terms of Usage

IMPORTANT: Students must have a valid SVCC student e-mail address to take an online course AND must report this address to the Office of Admissions and Records or update their personal records at

NOTE: You may register using SOAR. Help pages for online registration are located here. If you are asked for a PIN to register and do not have one, please contact (815) 288-5511 extension 273.