Transcription Evaluation Request Form

Transcript Evaluation Request Form

This form must be completed if you are pursuing a DEGREE or CERTIFICATE at Sauk and would like your transcripts from other colleges and universities to be evaluated. As a student, YOU MUST request official transcripts from each institution to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions and Records at SVCC. You will be notified by email after the transcripts have been evaluated.

  1. Are you a current student at SVCC?
  2. If you answered no to the previous question do you plan to enroll?
  3. Which degree/program are you pursuing at SVCC? Choose only one.
Transcripts will be evaluated according to the degree you will be pursuing at Sauk.
Upon request, transcripts can be re-evaluated to include additional transfer coursework.

NOTE: Sauk's residence requirement indicates that 16 credit hours must be completed at SVCC, therefore no more than 48 transfer hours can be applied toward a degree at Sauk. For those students pursuing a certificate, consult the Sauk catalog for allowable transfer hours. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation of your transcripts, please contact the Records Analyst in the Office of Admissions and Records at 815-835-6327.