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College Success Math

Math Course Placement

All students must satisfy the SVCC placement policy requirements to enroll in their initial mathematics class. This is to ensure that students enroll in courses that most accurately reflect their current skills and abilities. Student's skills are measured using one of the following options:

  • SVCC Placement Test Results (COMPASS mathematics)
  • ACT Scores (Mathematics score)
  • Review of credit already earned at any other accredited college or university (including SVCC)

For more information about placement requirements and testing, contact the Academic Advising Office or the Testing Center (links).

Course Enrollment

Students must enroll in mathematics courses as designated by their placement scores or satisfy the individual course prerequisites. Refer to the Placement Guide (.pdf) or mathematics Course Descriptions for detailed information.

College success math classes at Sauk are offered in three delivery modes:

  1. Traditional classroom using software to support the learning process
  2. Self-paced computer-based lessons with real-time faculty coaching
  3. Internet self-paced computer-based lessons with faculty coaching

Traditional classes are taught in a structured sequence covering each topic in the class.  Students are tested during the class and a final grade is calculated.  Traditional sections are not competency based, and do not allow students flexibility in completion.

The Self-paced College Success Math sequence is made up of 3 classes each consisting of several modules.  They are :

  • MAT 070  Fundamentals of Math

    (Modules: 1 through 11)
    1. Whole Numbers
    2. Integers
    3. Introduction to Algebra
    4. Equations
    5. Factors and Fractions
    6. LCM and Fractions
    7. Mixed Numbers
    8. Operations with Decimals
    9. More with Fractions and Decimals
    10. Ratios, Rates, and Percents
    11. Introduction to Geometry
  • MAT 075 Beginning Algebra

    (Modules: 14 through 24)
    1. Real Numbers
    2. Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations
    3. Solving More Linear Equations and Inequalities
    4. Introduction to Graphing Linear Equations
    5. Slope, Equations of Lines, and Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
    6. Introduction to Functions
    7. Solving Systems of Linear Equations
    8. Introduction to Polynomials and Exponent Rules
    9. Multiplying Polynomials
    10. Dividing Polynomials and More Exponent Rules
    11. Factoring Polynomials
  • MAT 081 Intermediate Algebra

    (Modules: 25 through 36)
    1. More Factoring and Quadratic Equations
    2. Introduction to Rational Expressions
    3. Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
    4. Complex Rational Expressions and Rational Equations
    5. Variation
    6. Roots and Radicals
    7. Operations of Radical Expressions
    8. Solving Quadratic Equations
    9. Complex Numbers and More Quadratic Equations
    10. Graphing Quadratic Functions
    11. Compound and Nonlinear Inequalities
    12. Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Explanation of self-paced Math Success Course sequence

All students entering Math Success for the first time will complete a series of assessments designed to confirm the student’s placement in a particular course.  When a student does not attain the appropriate score on these assessments, they will complete a review and be re-assessed.  Students work with a coach to complete the review at a self-paced rate.  The time allotted for the review is two weeks.

Sequence of classes

At the two week mark of the semester, the student and coach will decide if the correct placement for the student has been made.  At that time, by an agreement with the coach (instructor) and the student, the student may then be moved either to a lower or higher level of the math sequence (MAT 070, 075, 081).  After the two week mark, the student is expected to continue work in this class. A student may be able to complete his or her assigned class and work ahead to the next course, perhaps even completing the next course.  For example, a student could complete MAT 075 and MAT 081 in one semester’s time. This mode of instruction is competency based and thus allows the student to complete one or several courses during a single semester paying only once for tuition.

Additional information regarding Success Classroom:

Pearson’s MyMathLab currently retains student records for two years.  If a student does not complete the math sequence within two years, the student will need to recertify competencies by completing diagnostic exercises

Internal Procedure for reporting:

At the end of the second week instructors will complete program change forms having the student sign indicating acceptance of a move from one class to another.

In addition to submitting final grades for MAT 070, 075, and 081, the course instructors will submit the names and additional course completed to the registrar on the appropriate form.

To be considered for an incomplete, the student must complete 12 or more modules, 8 of which must be in the course they are enrolled in. Incompletes can be worked on independently in the classroom during non-scheduled hours.