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Transfer Advising

Planning to Transfer

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is here to help you successfully transfer college credit in the state of Illinois. This effort, effective summer of 1998, establishes guidelines and recommendations for transfer course work in both general education and select majors. Check out the iTransfer web site for participating institutions, course coding information, and further benefits of this initiative.


Want more information on transferring from an Illinois Community College to an Illinois 4-year institution? Find everything you need to know here.

College Search

College/University web sites are a great source of information for transfer students. To gather facts and resources about SVCC's top transfer schools, just click on the links below.

If your school of choice is not listed above, use the following sites to locate a college/university web site:

Finding a Transfer School

The following web sites are guides that can help you identify schools by type, major, and area of the county.

Transfer Guides

Transfer guides are available for select colleges and universities in a number of program areas outside of the Student Services Center at SVCC. See a SVCC advisor to complete an individualized transfer plan designed to fit your needs and interests.

Equivalent Courses in Illinois

Course equivalents (.pdf) are available for six state universities in Illinois (EIU, ISU, NIU, SIU, UIUC, and WIU). This guide includes all baccalaureate/transfer courses (1.1) and select occupational/technical credit courses (1.2). Courses on this 1.1 and 1.2 guide can be utilized toward a general transfer degree at SVCC.

Students can use their current Sauk transcripts and see how their courses might fit into the requirements of many Illinois colleges and universities by registering and using transferology located at the Illinois portal of  Select "Create an account" for the link into Transferology. Get started on your road to transfer!

Dual Admission / Early Advising

Dual Admission

Sauk Valley Community College has teamed up with Western Illinois University to provide students with the opportunity to gain admission while attending Sauk Valley Community College. This Dual Admission Program enables students to begin their college career at Sauk Valley Community College, complete a transfer Associate Degree, and continue their education at Western Illinois University to complete their Bachelor's Degree.
Western Illinois University's Dual Admission Program
SVCC and Western Illinois University have teamed up to provide students with the opportunity to gain admission to both institutions at the same time. Students in this program will have the advantage of academic advisement updates each semester, a seamless transition between institutions, and the opportunity to continue their education in the region at low tuition rates.
Application Process: In order for students to receive the earliest possible advising, they should fill out the WIU application, the intent to participate form, and the SVCC application as soon as they decide to attend WIU.

Early Advisement Programs

Early advisement programs are designed to give students an edge on their academic career. While at Sauk, students will be able to gain early advisement from the four-year university.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale's Individualized Two Plus Two Initiative
Students receive from Southern Illinois University individualized plans designed to evaluate their transfer credit, monitor academic progress, and provide them with transfer equivalency listings tailored to their specific major. This initiative is designed for community college students who have selected a major and plan to earn an AA or AS degree prior to transfer to SIUC.
Application Process: In order for students to receive the earliest possible advising, they should fill out the SIUC Individualized Two Plus Two Application, submit to SIUC official transcripts from all colleges attended including SVCC as soon as they decide to attend SIUC.
Bradley University's Academic Advisement Agreement
This program is designed to help students by giving them a personalized curriculum for their indicated major; retaining the students' transcript(s) as part of the admission process; and providing students with on-going advisement regarding every aspect of the transfer process.
Application Process: In order for students to receive the earliest possible advising, they should complete and return the Academic Advisement Application and have official transcripts sent to Bradley from each college or university attended as soon as they decide to attend Bradley.