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Access Student Accounts at SVCC

The information on this page is provided to explain how to access technology tools and services available to students enrolled at Sauk Valley Community College. To access a tool or service listed in the first column, use the login listed in the second column (click the login title for an explanation of that login's username and password combination). Tutorials and help pages are linked in the Information and Helpful Links column.

For more information about technology available to Sauk students, access our SVCC Student Technology: Did You Know? page.

If you are having trouble accessing any service, visit the Skyhawk Student Help Desk in room 2F01 or call 815-835-6544 (ext. 544 from a campus phone) during these hours or complete the online Technical Support Request form.

With your Gmail account, you also have access to Google Apps. This includes Google Calendar, Google Drive (for file storage), Google Docs (an online word processor), and more. Learn more about what's available and how to use Google Apps from the Google Apps Learning site.

To Access this ServiceUse this LoginInformation and Helpful Links
(Sauk Online Access to Records)


Through SOAR, you can update your personal information, such as your address, email, and emergency contact information. You can also access student services;check your student ID number, registration status, class schedule, grades, or transcripts; and review your financial status and loans.

Student Email
Google Apps

SVCC Google Login

You will receive frequent email from Sauk Valley Community College, student organizations and your instructors. For this reason, it’s important for you to regularly check your SVCC student email, or to forward it to an account that you regularly check.

Need help learning Gmail?

Canvas/Online CoursesSauk Login icon Sauk Login

Sauk's online courses are hosted in Canvas.

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) used by faculty to share course materials, assessments, grades, and online activities for their on-campus, hybrid or online courses. All online courses and some on-campus course materials appear in Canvas.

Access Learn Canvas for help logging in, getting-starting information, links to tutorials, and other helpful information.

Library Databases: Off-Campus AccessSauk Login icon Sauk Login

When accessing Sauk library databases from off campus, employees and students are required to log in. Note that a login is not required when accessing these databases from on-campus.

Computer Lab PrintingSauk Login icon Sauk Login

Use your Sauk Login to print in any of the computer labs. Students will be given $10 worth of copies each semester for free (it will automatically load for you). Money will not carry over to the next semester and the money can only be used for printing copies. $10 will be added to this printing account each semester, but will never exceed $10. Printing copies from College computer lab printers (not photocopies) will cost $0.05 per page for two-sided copies and $0.10 for a single sided copy. This will give you between 100-200 pages per semester that you can print for free. If you need to print additional copies (above the $10), you can add more money to your account at the Business Office or the Student Services Center.

Photocopies can only be made in the Library (LRC).

View lab room numbers and hours. To print in color, use the Library printer.

SVCC TXT AlertsSauk Login icon Sauk Login

Sauk staff and students can subscribe to be notified of certain events such as college closings and campus activities, important dates and headlines, and computer system status. These alerts can come via text, email, phone message, or all. Look for the green chat bubble towards the bottom of Sauk's home page.

SVCC Mobile Logo

SVCC Mobile allows you to access your schedule, grades, directory information, maps, the SVCC Catalog and more! Many features are available without a login, but you can log in with your SOAR User ID and PIN to view your personalized information such as grades, schedule, and messages.

SVCC WiFi Networkskyhawks

While on-campus, you can connect to Sauk's wireless network with your personal laptop or mobile device. The password for Sauk's wifi is skyhawks. Look for the network in your devices wifi settings.

Office 365Sauk email address

While you are a student at Sauk, you are eligible to download and install Microsoft Office for no cost on up to five personal devices. Go to and use your Sauk email account to register.

Sauk Login icon Sauk Login

When you change your Sauk Login password, it will be changed for all systems that use the Sauk Login.

Example: john.a.smith
If that username does not work, one of the following exceptions may apply:
  1. If your middle initial is not on file, your username will be firstname.lastname (Example: john.smith)
  2. If your firstname.middleinitial.lastname is more than 20 characters, your username is firstinitial.middleinitial.lastname. (Example j.a.smith)
svXXXX (XXXX is the last four digits of your student ID)
Example: sv1234

Change your Sauk Login Password

Your Sauk Login password can be changed here.


When entering the Secured Area for the first time:

You will need your Student ID number. (Example: @12345678) 

(If you do not know your Student ID number, click on the Look Up My ID link and follow the instructions to look up your ID).

You will be prompted for your PIN - this has initially been set to a random number. You will need to call Admissions & Records (815.835.6273) to receive this number. You will then be prompted to change your temporary PIN - the new PIN must be 8-15 characters and requires at least one number AND one alpha character. You will then be prompted to establish TWO security questions and to accept the Terms of Usage.

For all subsequent logins:

If you do not know your ID, you can look up your ID by clicking on the Look up My ID link located just above the User ID box.

If you do not know your PIN, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot PIN? button and answering your security questions. If you have difficulties, please contact Admissions & Records (815.835.6273)

The Google Apps Logo SVCC Google Login

Username will be your Sauk email address. Example:
  1. If your middle initial is not on file, your username will be firstname.lastname (Example:
  2. If your firstname.middleinitial.lastname is more than 20 characters, your username is firstinitial.middleinitial.lastname. (Example:
svXXXX (XXXX is the last four digits of your student ID)
Example: sv1234
Changing your SVCC Google password will not change your Sauk Login password.
To change or reset your password, visit Google's Gmail help page.

For a condensed, printed version of this page, print What's My Password?.