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Moodle Help Desk

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If you have forgotten your student email or Moodle password please call the Admissions office at 815.835.6273.

If you have forgotten your SOAR User ID or PIN, visit

Getting started

  1. After you registered with admissions or SOAR, you should purchase your books for the class prior to the beginning of the semester. You can purchase your books online at
  2. The first week of the semester (sometimes earlier) you should have received an email from your instructor with specific instructions on what you need to do to get started in your online class. If you have not been contacted by your instructor, you should contact him/her by looking at the Faculty and Staff Directory.
  3. In this type of learning environment, it is recommended that you allocate a set time every night, or a few times a week in which you can work on your class.
  4. Check that your computer meets the technical requirements for using Moodle.

Logging in to Moodle

  1. Next, use your internet browser and go to Sauk's webpage: Next, click on 'Moodle' in the 'Quick Jump' drop-down menu.
  2. Log-in with your username and password.
    Username: Your username will be "firstname.middleinitial.lastname" (without the quotes, for example John Alex Smith = john.a.smith). Note that if you use SVCC student email and LRC online resources, you will use the same username. (NOTE ABOUT YOUR MIDDLE INITIAL: If you did not enter a middle initial the first time you registered for classes, you will not have a middle initial in your login. For example: John Smith = "john.smith" (without the quotes). If you are not sure whether or not to use your middle initial, you can look at your record in SOAR.)
    Password: Your password will start with sv followed by the last 4 digits of your Sauk ID number. For example the Sauk ID @00001234 will have the password sv1234.
  4. ILCCO STUDENTS (students registered for SVCC classes through another Illinois Community College):
    Username: Your login will be "firstname.lastname" (without the quotes, for example John Alex Smith = john.smith).
    Password: Your password will start with sv followed by the last 4 digits of your College ID number. For example the College ID 00001234 will have the password sv1234.

Getting familiar with Moodle

  1. View Moodle tutorials for students or download a pdf copy of the tutorials.
  2. Take the Orientation to Moodle course to become familiar with Moodle and gain skills for learning online. To enroll,  click on the Orientation to Moodle link.  This will take you to a Moodle login screen.  After you log in, you will be asked if you want to enroll in the course; click "yes."  You will be enrolled for 30 days, which can be renewed, if desired.

Getting familiar inside of your online class

  1. Once you reach your class, the best way to familiarize yourself inside of this environment is to read the syllabus and begin clicking inside of the various sections.
  2. Your instructor may have you introduce yourself in the forum or they may have you do some other type of activity to help you understand the course environment.

Contacting Support

  • TheTech Help Desk can assist you with Moodle questions or technical problems that you may be experiencing. You should contact us for login, browser problems, or other email or Moodle related problems.
  • Office Hours:
    • Fall and Spring hours: 8am - 4:30pm M-F
    • Summer hours: 7am - 5pm M-Th.
  • Phone - 815-288-5511 x 229
  • Email:
  • Online Technical Support Form