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Technical Requirements - Moodle Help Desk


Recommended Browser

Mozilla Firefox is strongly recommended as your web browser while using Moodle. Use of Chrome or Internet Explorer may result in an inability to use important Moodle features such as assignment upload and quiz functions. You can download Firefox free from 

Moodle is compatible with other modern web browsers including  Google ChromeSafari and Internet Explorer (IE6 and IE7 are not recommended for Moodle at all.). You may not be able to access all of Moodle's features in every browser. It is recommended to keep your browser up-to-date.  

Web Browser Recommended Versions 

BrowserMinimum versionRecommended versionNotes
Google Chrome30.0*Latest
Mozilla Firefox25.0*Latest
Apple Safari6*Latest
Microsoft Internet Explorer9*LatestVersion 10 is required for drag-and-drop upload of content from outside the browser into Moodle.

*Information is current as of August 10, 2015

Plug-Ins and Software Needed

  • Acrobat Reader (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Office (While you are a student at Sauk, you are eligible to download and install Microsoft Office for no cost on up to five personal devices. Go to and use your Sauk email account to register.)