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Errors/Cookies Help- Configuring your browser for S.O.A.R.

You may have received an error while logging into S.O.A.R. It may look like the error below.

To protect your privacy, please Exit and close your browser when you are finished.

This system requires the use of HTTP cookies to verify authorization information. Our system has detected that your browser has disabled HTTP cookies, or does not support them. Please refer to the Help page for more information on how to correctly configure your browser for use with this system.

The reason for this error is because your browser is not configured to accept "Cookies" from SVCC. A Cookie is simply a digital stamp (kind of like entering and leaving a carnival or festival that requires a stamp to get back in). Be assured that SVCC is a safe site to accept Cookies from. You should also be sure that you have the latest browser.

Internet Explorer Users

To accept Cookies from SVCC and get access to S.O.A.R.,
Click on the "Tools" menu on the top of your screen.
Then choose "Internet Options",

A new window will open,
Click on the "Privacy" tab.

Next, Click on the "Edit" button.


A new window will open,
Type "svcc.edu" in the "Address of Web site" field.
Then, Click "Allow"

Notice that svcc.edu is allowed to use cookies now.
Click the "OK" button and try to login to S.O.A.R. again.
Your problem should be solved.

Netscape Users

From your menu bar,
Click on "Edit"
Then Click on "Preferences"


A new window will open,
Click on the arrow next to "Privacy & Security" to expand the options.

Next, Click on "Cookies"

Next, ensure that "Enable cookies based on privacy settings" is selected.
Then click on the "View" button.


A new window will open.
Click "medium" to accept the medium security settings.
Then Click "OK"


Then click "OK" again to close out all of the Preferences.

Try to login to S.O.A.R. again. The problem should not occur again.