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Updating your Email Address - SOAR Online Help

Updating your Email Address

It is important that you keep your email addresses up to date. Instructors use this information to send out course related information. If you are taking an online course, it is EXTREMELY important that you keep this information up to date.

To update your email address,
From the Main Menu page,
Click on the "Personal Information" link

image of Personal Information link


On the next screen,
Click the "View/Update Email Addresses" link

image of View/Update Email Addresses link


A new screen will appear,
Click an email address you would like to update.

image of drop down menu to select Home, Web Entry, or Work Email addresses.


After you have selected,
Click the "Submit" button.

image of Submit button


If you would like to insert an email address, please Select the Type of E-mail Address to Insert from the drop down. 

image of entry fields to change email address


When you are finished,
Click the "Submit" button.

image of Submit button


After clicking the "Submit" button,
A new screen will appear with your updated information.
Your information has been updated.

image of successful email address updated