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Registering Online - Adding OR Dropping Classes

Registering for Classes | Dropping Classes

Registering for Classes

To register for a course online,
From the Main Menu,
Click on the "Student Services" link.

image of Student Services Link


Next, Click on the "Registration" link

image of Registration link


The Registration main menu will appear.
Click on the "Register or Drop Classes" link.

image of Register or Drop Classes link

Next, Select the Term you would like to register for.
Click the "Submit" button.

image of Term dropdown box and Submit button


*** You may be prompted to enter your Registration PIN. If you do not have a PIN, See your SVCC counselor to obtain one.

Enter your six digit PIN number in the space provided then click the "Submit" button.

image of Alternate PIN entry field and Submit button

A new window will open,
This is where you can Add, Drop, and view your Current Schedule.
If you haven't done so, Complete the "Registration Information Form" if you have completed it already, move on.

image of Register Information Form link

After completion of the "Registration Information Form" you will be taken back to your Registration page.

On the Registration page,
Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
This is where you will add your classes to register online.

image of CRN entry fields

To ADD a class,
Enter the CRN numbers in the spaces provided.

image of filled in CRN entry fields

When you are ready,
Click the "Submit Changes" button.

image of Submit Changes button


After you click the Submit button,
You will need to scroll down to see the classes you added.
Notice your classes have been added.

To add more classes, simply enter in more CRN numbers.

image of registration results page

Dropping Classes

To DROP classes online,
Click the down arrow next to the class you would like to drop,
Choose "Web Drop 100%" from the drop down menu.

image of dropdown menu with Web Drop 100% link


Next Click on the "Submit Changes" button.

image of Submit Changes button

After clicking the "Submit Changes" button,
Scroll the page down to view your changes.
Notice your class has been dropped.